Contacting a domain owner

We are fully committed to protecting our customer's privacy but we are aware a domain can be a good business opportunity. 

This guide will help you get in touch with the current owner of the domain you are looking for but keep in mind there is no guarantee the owner will reply.

  1. Do a WHOIS search and confirm the domain owner can be contacted using
  2. Enter the domain name, press Perform lookup, check the captcha box, then click Continue.
  3. Check the Registrant Name is Contact Privacy Inc.
  4. Then go to, enter the domain, and click Submit.
  5. From the drop-down menu, select the person you want to contact.
  6. Type your email address and the subject of your query.
    Note: The subject must be concise and clear.
  7. Type the message, check the captcha box, and once completed hit Submit.
  8. You will see the following message on the screen:
    "Your message has been sent to the [person you chose to send the email] contacts. Please note it is the decision of the contact whether to respond to your request."

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