Registering a domain at Hover with Etsy Plus

The Etsy subscription package, Etsy Plus, includes a discount when registering a domain name with Hover.  The requirement is to register the domain with Hover through the Etsy account.

  1. Log into the Etsy account and access the shop manager, marketing, and custom web address. 
    Note: Refer to the Etsy Plus guide for navigating Etsy services. 
  2. You will then be routed to Hover, where you can register a discounted domain using the Etsy Plus plan.
  3.  Upon entering your domain name, a list of available domains will appear.  Add the domain you wish to register by clicking the + symbol next to your desired domain name.
    Note: The domain is free only for the first year and will cost $65.17 each year thereafter.
  4. Your choice will be added to the shopping cart; select Proceed to cart.
  5. Review your shopping cart summary and select Secure checkout.
  6. You will be prompted to create your Hover management account. Fill in the following details to proceed with your order:

    Registration information
    Billing information
    Order confirmation
  7. Once the required information is entered and you agree to our Terms of Service, select Submit order.
  8. Press Connect it to Etsy to link your domain with your Etsy Plus subscription.
  9. You will receive a notification that your domain is connected to Etsy. Return to your Etsy store by clicking Go back to Etsy to finish.
  10. Select OK, got it to complete.

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