Transferring a domain into Hover

A domain transfer is the process of switching your domain name from one registrar to another

Preparing for transfer

Two items are required from your current provider before initiating a transfer into Hover.

  1. You must unlock your domain with your current registrar.
  2. You must acquire your domain's transfer authorization code (also referred to as an EPP or auth code).

Most domain providers cut access to their nameservers once a transfer is initiated. If you rely on your current domain provider's nameservers for custom DNS records, ie. for website hosting or email, you need to prepare your domain before transferring. Failure to do so can lead to a loss of service until the transfer completes.  

Before starting, Hover strongly recommends viewing your current registrar's transfer-away guide. If you cannot find your current registrar's transfer instructions, please contact their help center.

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Initiating the transfer

Once the domain has been unlocked and the current registrar's authorization code is obtained, the transfer is ready to be initiated.

The pricing for domain transfers can be referenced on Hover's domain pricing page.

  1. Navigate to Hover's transfer page and enter the domain name to be transferred. Click the white arrow to proceed.
  2. The results page will include the transfer cost and the domain status. A green check will indicate the domain is eligible for the transfer. Click Add to cart.
    Note: A blue star beside the domain name represents a premium domain. The registry sets the pricing for premium domains. They may differ from the normal domain transfer pricing. 
  3. You can continue to search for and add additional domains before proceeding. When ready, click Proceed to cart under the cart summary section.
  4. Enter your domain's authorization code, followed by Submit. Once the authorization code has been verified, click Secure checkout.
  5. If you have a Hover account, select Sign in to an existing account.
    If not, select Create an account and enter the required account creation information, followed by Create an account. 
  6. Fill out your full name and address as you would like them to appear in your domain registration records, followed by Continue.
    If you're logged into your Hover account, it will take the information from the domain defaults.
    Note: Ensure this information is correct and accurate to ensure you always have control over your domains.
  7. Add your billing information to process the transfer payment. You can use a credit card, PayPal, or Apple pay.
    If you're logged in to your Hover account, you can choose the billing saved on file.
  8. Check the box indicating you agree to the terms of service, and then click Submit order. The terms of service must be agreed to before the order can proceed.

Waiting for the transfer to complete

Once you have successfully submitted the transfer order, there are some items to keep in mind.

  • Transfers can take between five-seven days to complete.
  • You can request that your current registrar expedite the transfer. Some registrars will oblige.
  • Some registrars may require domain transfer approval for the transfer to complete. This is sent via email confirmation and must be actioned.

Troubleshooting transfer issues

A domain transfer will sometimes fail. There are several possible reasons for this.

  • The domain name is locked. You must unlock the domain.
  • To be eligible for a transfer, the domain must be at least 60 days old, or you must have been with your current registrar for at least 60 days. ICANN enforces a 60-day change of registrant lock. 
  • The authorization code provided is invalid. Ensure you don't have any blank spaces on the end if it was copied.
  • The domain is in redemption status or is expired.
  • There is an unresolved domain dispute. Consult your current registrar if this is the case.

.UK domain transfers

Hover offers domain name registrations for .UK domains, in much the same way as we do with .COM and .NET domain registrations.

There are several .UK domain levels supported including second level UK., and third level CO.UK, .LTD.UK, .ME.UK, .NET.UK, .ORG.UK, and .PLC.UK.

.UK domain names are registered at a central domain registry managed by NominetNominet’s transfer policy requires the losing registrar - whom you are transferring away from - to change the domain's registrar or IPS tag before the transfer can be initiated.

  1. For domains that are being transferred into Hover, you will need to contact your current registrar and ask them to change your domain's registrar tag to TUCOWS-CA
    Note: Most domain providers cut access to their nameservers as soon as a transfer is initiated. Contact us if you rely on your current registrar's nameservers for custom DNS records (website hosting, email, etc.) before updating the tag.
  2. After the TUCOWS-CA tag is placed on the domain, contact us to initiate the domain transfer to Hover.
    Note: International callers should attempt to call from a landline, as there may be connectivity issues when calling from cellular service. 

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