Hover premium domains

When looking for your new domain through Hover, you might come across premium domains for purchase at a higher price than typical registrations. 

Note: There are also tiered price domains that are assigned their price by the registry.

What are premium domains?

Premium domains are domain names that somebody else has registered, but that they are willing to sell. Hover lists premium domains for sale to a maximum price of $10000.

Premium domains are highlighted by a gold star in domain search results:
Premium domains often include generic words that would be great for a specific industry or business. They also tend to be shorter, more descriptive, and more memorable than commonly available domain names.

How to purchase a premium domain

Premium domains are purchased by following the same process to register any domain through Hover. After the initial purchase, premium domains renew at the regular price, not the premium price. The domain's renewal price will be displayed as part of the premium domain search result.


Premium domains are already registered and owned by someone else, so the domain purchase will follow a different process. The process will vary based on the domain's current hosting provider, and once completed, Hover will ensure the domain is accessible through your account.

Considering the unique process for purchasing a premium domain, the transfer of the domain into your Hover account can take up to one to two weeks to complete processing.

Note: Due to premium domains being owned by a third party there are occasions where, for various reasons, the original owner of the domain cannot complete the required steps to move the domain to Hover. Should this occur, your premium domain purchase will be refunded in full, and Hover will notify you via email if the order was not possible to complete.

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