Connect your domain to Pattern by Etsy

Hover offers the Connect tool for select hosting providers to simplify the domain connection process. All of the required DNS settings will be automatically added to your domain when using this tool. There is up to a 48-hour propagation time for the connection to settle.

The domain must use Hover nameservers to use the connect tool. Changing nameservers may disrupt the website or email services linked to the domain, as changing the nameservers to Hover moves the domain settings management to our system.

Etsy has two separate platforms, Etsy and Pattern by Etsy. If you are using Etsy you will need to follow different steps to connect your domain.

  1. Sign in to your Hover control panel using your chosen method of 2FA.
    Note: If you have multiple domains, you will need to select the domain name from the list of your domains on the control panel.
  2. On the overview page, ensure the domain is using Hover nameservers and
  3. Click on the Connect tab or More within the connect window.3._Connect_Tab_.png
  4. Locate Pattern by Etsy from the list of connect partners then press Select.4._locate_pattern_by_etsy_.png
  5. Select the desired subdomain for your Pattern by Etsy website. We recommend using www but you choose any subdomain of your choice. Make sure the desired subdomain has been added to your Pattern by Etsy account, then click Connect.5._pattern_by_etsy_connect.png
  6. Once connected, you will receive the following message in the connect tab. 6._Pattern_by_Etsy_connect_scren.png

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