Connecting your domain to Squarespace

You can keep your Squarespace website and Hover domain connected by using our Connect tool, which completes all of the necessary DNS updates for your website.

Connect your domain through Squarespace

While signing in to your Squarespace account, follow their support guide to add your domain.

Connect your domain through Hover

  1. Once you have added the domain through Squarespace, you will need to retrieve the verified CNAME value as provided by Squarespace.
  2. With the host value for the verify CNAME entry copied, you can return to your Hover account and click on the Squarespace icon through the Connect section.
  3. Enter the copied value from Squarespace into the Verify Value section and click Connect.
  4. You have now connected your domain to your Squarespace website.
    The updated DNS entries are visible through your domain's DNS section:

Verify changes through Squarespace

After the updates have been completed through both Squarespace and Hover, there can be a delayed response of up to 24 hours before Squarespace verifies the new DNS entries.

To manually refresh Squarespace's dashboard, click Refresh through DNS settings.

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