Canceling services with Hover

Should you find that you no longer require our services, while we will be sad to see you go, we want to ensure you have all the information you will need to close things out with us. Whether you need to stop using your domain or any services with Hover, we have got you covered.

Canceling an existing domain

If you want your domain to cancel when the registration time is complete, it is essential to make sure auto-renew is toggled off. There is no way to cancel the time applied to a domain once it has been added to registration. The registry for the domains does not provide refunds or cancellations for unused registration time, which in turn prevents us from doing so. 

If you instead want to make sure your site isn't displaying anymore (park your domain), you can disconnect the site from the domain by managing your DNS or Nameservers

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Canceling a new domain registration

We can cancel new domain registration for most domain extensions at the registry within four days of registration (there are some exceptions .UK being an example of one). The registry itself allows for cancelation during this time. On the fifth day, however, the registration is final, and we cannot cancel it with the registry. 

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Canceling Hover mailboxes

There are multiple ways to cancel your Hover email. We can refund canceled email accounts at a pro-rated amount within 365 days from the original purchase.

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