Email forwarding

Any domain hosted by Hover can utilize our mail services, which can include email forwarding.

Mail forwarding can be set up if your domain is using Hover's mail services. All of Hover's available mail services can be forwarded to another address, including Big or Small Mailboxes.

Note: Hover does not provide free email services. You will need to purchase and create the mail services for your domain.

Setting up mail forwarding through your Hover account

  1. Sign in to your Hover control panel using your chosen method of 2FA.
    Notes: Former VistaPrint customers are on our Enhanced Email Cluster B server.Hover_control_panel_sign_in.png
  2. Select Emails from the navigation bar. navigation_bar_-_emails.png
  3. Click Edit beside the email address you would like to set up forwarding for.
  4. Click Edit forwarding.
  5. Enter your forwarded email address and click Save forwards.
  6. If you would like to forward to multiple addresses, click +Another Forward.
    With the second email address now in place, click Save Forwards.
  7. The Emails section will now display your new mail forward!

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Setting up mail forwarding through Hover's webmail.

  1. Sign in to Hover Webmail.
    Notes: Former VistaPrint customers are on our Enhanced Email Cluster B server.
  2. Click on Settings, followed by Mail Forwarding.
    While accessing the Mail Forwarding section, you can adjust the multiple settings.
    Enabled Whether the mail forwarding will be enabled/disabled.
    Keep Local Copy

    Whether the message will be saved through Hover. If disabled, the message will be forwarded and not saved through Hover.

    Forwarding Recipients List of addresses to receive the forwarded messages.

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