Tiered Price Domains

While browsing for the perfect domain name, you may have noticed some domains are priced higher than others even though they use the same extension. This indicates the domain is considered a premium domain or a tiered price domain.

What is a tiered price domain?

Domain registries consider certain domains more desirable and valuable than others and have priced them to be more expensive. For example, desirable domain names like Apple.com or Chicago.com are priced higher than something less desirable, like 891ueh8dh9.com.

We refer to these domains as tiered price domains, and they are indicated on our website with a green star and annotation.


Why is the pricing different?

Some tiered price domains are priced higher than the standard fee, while others are priced lower. The pricing difference is at the discretion of the registry. 

For example, the .shop registry has decided cycling.shop is far more valuable than something like bobscycle.shop. At the moment, cycling.shop is priced at $6,399.99, and bobscycle.shop is priced at $40.

The .xyz registry has decided to price domains that are six to eight numeric digits (Ex. 12345678.xyz) to be cheaper than other domains using the .xyz extension. Six to eight-letter numeric domains are priced at $4.99, while the standard registration fee for .xyz domains is $11.99.

The registration and renewals fees for tiered price domains can also vary. Some domains will have a premium initial registration fee and a standard annual renewal fee.


There are also tiered price domains that have both premium registration and annual renewal fees.


In both cases, the domain will be noted with the initial registration fee and the annual renewal fee.

How do I purchase a tiered price domain?

The registration process for a tiered price domain is the same as regular domain registrations

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