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Hover account questions

Hover keeps signing in simple with an easy-to-locate sign-in drop-down with options to sign in to your Control Panel to manage all your Hover services, or you can log in to your Hover email directly through by selecting Webmail from the sign-in dropdown.


Be sure to keep your Hover account email up to date, as this email is where we send all account and product updates.

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Managing your Hover services

All Hover services are managed in your Control Panel. Auto-renew is a great feature that can be used to set your domain for yearly payment and is toggled on as the default state for all new domain registrations. This feature can be turned on or off at any time should you prefer manual renewal to keep your services up to date.

Managing DNS records

DNS records can be compared to the wiring behind the walls of your house. Your domain might be the walls and the roof, but without the wiring accurately in place, your services will be inactive. When connecting your domain to a website or mail provider, you must update the DNS records associated with the domain.

We also offer the Hover forwarding tool, which allows unlimited custom redirections to any web address using domain forwards, subdomain forwards, or domain shortcuts.

Note: Be sure to confirm where your nameservers are pointing. If you want to manage your DNS in the Hover Control Panel, you have to use our nameservers.

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Buying and managing your email accounts

Hover offers add-on domain-based email services. A domain-based email address can be a great way to professionally showcase your brand and add credibility and consistency in mail deliverability.

Hover has three email services, each intended to meet a specific need.

Mailbox type Storage size


Mail forward Not applicable

Get a professional email that forwards to your existing email.

$5 per year
Small mailbox 10GB

Perfect if you're just getting started with email for your domain name, with options to grow.

$20 per year
Big mailbox 1TB (1000GB)

You already know how email works for your brand, but your business needs more space. Seriously big - 1,000GB.

$29 per year

For ease of use, our email service can be managed directly through Webmail or added to a third-party email client on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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